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Troels Denmark

Rubin's is a proud dealer for Troels Denmark furniture. Made in Europe with the most modern, and durable construction techniques . Choose from warm fabrics, and rich Italian leathers. Come to our Westside store to see our new Troels Denmark gallery.

People often ask us, what makes Troels so different when compared to other furniture manufacturers in the market…

It all begins with the robust production processes we apply that ensures we limit our impact on the environment, and the premium quality of the material we select, that ensures innovation is always an integral part of our furniture craftsmanship. The furniture we produce is tailored specifically for the individual customer, where they can choose their own configuration, material, and feel from the long list we have available to them. Customers can walk away with something that is meets their own unique definition of “Comfortable”. It is the extent of this personalisation of quality that makes us stand out.

We invite you to try Troels for yourself, because truly…why would you want anything less than a good, lasting comfortable life?

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