Corridor 8179 Media Console

Corridor 8179 Media Console

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 Corridor 8179 Media Console

Corridor 8179 Media Console

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The BDI 8179 Corridor Media Console is a practical yet beautiful piece of furniture that will add style to any room. Whether you want an elegant home theater console or secure storage space, this sleek and stylish cabinet will deliver. It features architecturally-inspired louvers that give it a unique look, as well as a satin-tempered matte glass top and steel base for added durability. With adjustable shelves and enclosed compartments, there is plenty of room to organize all your entertainment components. This media console can accommodate almost any size television up to 90-inches making it the ideal choice for those who are looking for a complete entertainment set up. The BDI 8179 Corridor Media Console is the perfect accessory for modern homes, offices or boardrooms and brings an air of sophistication wherever it goes. Invest in quality with this timeless piece and enjoy entertainment pleasure for years to come.

Available in:
Chocolate Stained Walnut.
Charcoal Stained Ash.
Natural Walnut.

About BDI Furniture.

Design is the beginning. At BDI, design is our main core value and passion. It’s infused throughout every department in the company. But we take great pride in creating innovative furniture that is not only beautifully designed, but also has the power to improve the quality of everyday life. Our furniture is designed to be simple, efficient, and organized, providing more time to focus on living.

BDI furniture is the perfect blend of form and function. Our thoughtfully engineered designs include a host of user-friendly features that make your life easier. From easily adjustable shelves to hidden wheels and flow-through ventilation, we’ve considered every detail. And our fingerprint-proof glass, rear access panels, and cord-management systems are the perfect finishing touches. With BDI furniture, you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful, functional home.

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2300 Badger & Westside locations


21"H X 79.25"W X 20.25"D


Hidden Wheels.
Adjustable Shelves.
Rear Access Panels.
Flow-Through Ventilation.
Cable Management.
Tempered Glass Top.
TV Safety Strap.


Stained Solid Wood.
Satin-Etched Tempered Glass.
Hardwood Veneer.
Powder Coated Steel.

Not all items on display at each store.
Please call for additional information.

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