Roman Re-Invented Recliner

Roman Re-Invented Recliner

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 Roman Re-Invented Recliner

Roman Re-Invented Recliner

Downtown & Westside locations


American Leather Roman Re-Invented Recliner.

A timeless look inspired by traditional forms; the Roman offers an updated elegance to the Re-Invented Recliner™ collection.

The Roman features a traditional button-tufted pillow back cushion and conical torpedo, tapered roll arms creating a clever juxtaposition of high-style and comfort. A blend of down fibers and foam is standard in both back and seat cushions. Each Re-Invented Recliner™ offers a few additional options: two back height options for the perfect his-and-her recliner chairs, button activated motorized power recliner mechanism with a USB port, and a battery pack so you can place your chair anywhere in a room.


With the Re-Invented Recliner by American Leather®, you can enjoy a stylish, modern piece that defines your space, yet breaks every stereotype of the traditional recliner. It’s the “un-recliner recliner”– a perfect blend of fashion, function, and comfort.

Two Sizes Available.
Assuring a perfect fit, whatever your comfort requirements are.

About American Leather.


As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a nonprofit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry, American Leather® is committed to making our products and manufacturing operations environmentally friendly.

This commitment begins at the very foundation of our custom-made furniture. Each frame is constructed from wood harvested from sustainable forests and is precision-engineered to create as little scrap as possible. The scrap that remains is recycled or reused

The American Leather Roman Re-Invented Recliner is Available in Hundreds of Fabrics, and Leathers by American Leather.

American Leather
Made in Dallas, TX

Downtown & Westside locations


Roman Re-Invented Recliner by American Leather.

33"W x 35"D x 40"H Extends To 64"D
33"W x 35"D x 43"H Extends To 67"D

16" Of Clearance is Needed.

Standard Features:
Advanced unidirectional suspension system.
Down blend pillow top pads on back and seat.
Premium high-density, high-resiliency foam seat.
Semi-attached back and seat cushion.
Button tufting on back cushion.
Single-needle top-stitch.
Lifetime warranty on frame and suspension.
Quick-ship delivery.

Premium high-density, high-resiliency foam pillow top pads on back and seat.
Swivel base available in Antique Brass, Burnished Bronze or Polished Nickel finish.

Additional Power Options:
Motorized recliner with an in-arm control panel that is easy to use.
Motor has a five-year warranty.
Lithium-ion battery pack available.
Battery pack has a one-year warranty.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the items you are purchasing will fit in the intended areas of your home. If your home has narrow doorways, staircase turns, or low ceilings, you should measure these locations to ensure proper fit.

American Leather
Made in Dallas, TX

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