Sulley Comfort Sleeper

Sulley Comfort Sleeper

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  Sulley Comfort Sleeper

Sulley Comfort Sleeper

Downtown & Westside locations


American Leather Sulley Comfort Sleeper.

Experience No Bars. No Springs. Pure Comfort.

The American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sulley is a fashion-forward beauty with European flair. Striking metal legs intersect with thin track arms to create a modern masterpiece. The sleek, tailored frame make the American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sulley a showstopper in any room.
Perfect for small spaces, Comfort Sleepers feature more sleep space in less floor space, and our sleepers can be disassembled easily to get through narrow hallways and doorways. The Comfort Sleeper’s unique design, featuring the Tiffany 24/7 Sleep System, delivers amazing comfort both day and night.

About American Leather.


As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a nonprofit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry, American Leather® is committed to making our products and manufacturing operations environmentally friendly.

This commitment begins at the very foundation of our custom-made furniture. Each frame is constructed from wood harvested from sustainable forests and is precision-engineered to create as little scrap as possible. The scrap that remains is recycled or reused

the American Leather Sulley Comfort Sleeper is Available in Hundreds of Fabrics, and Leathers by American Leather.

American Leather
Made in DALLAS, TX

Downtown & Westside locations


Sulley Comfort Sleeper From American Leather.

Cot Size: 44W x 39D x 37H
Twin Size: 53W x 39D x 37H
Full Size: 68W x 39D x 37H
Queen Size: 74W x 39D x 37H
Queen Plus Size: 80W x 39D x 37H
Queen Plus w/ Chaise: 80W x 66D x 37H
King Size: 90W x 39D x 37H
Double Cot Size: 80W x 39D x 37H
All sizes 85" deep when open

Standard Comfort Sleeper Sully®

Featuring the patented Tiffany 24 /7™ platform sleep system.
Room to stretch out with true 80 inches of bedroom-length sleeping surface.
Ultimate comfort on four inches of plush, high-density foam mattress.
Zero wall clearance.
Quick-ship delivery.
Double-needle top-stitch.
High-density, high-resiliency foam seat cushions.
Loose back and seat cushions.
Lifetime warranty on frame.
10-year mechanism warranty.
Brushed stainless steel leg.

Mattress Options:
Premier with Crypton® ticking.

High-density, high-resiliency foam seat cushions encased in down and down back cushions available.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the items you are purchasing will fit in the intended areas of your home. If your home has narrow doorways, staircase turns, or low ceilings, you should measure these locations to ensure proper fit.

American Leather
Made in DALLAS, TX

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