Stance 6652 Desk

Stance 6652 Desk

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Stance 6652 Desk

Stance 6652 Desk

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The BDI 6652 Stance Desk is the perfect workspace for peak productivity and comfort. With three available desktop sizes (48", 60", and 66"), you can customize your work area to fit your exact needs. The electric lift system allows for seamless transitions between sitting and standing throughout the day, giving you complete control over your preferred height. The programmable keypad lets you store your favorite sitting and standing positions with just one touch so that adjusting the desired height is fast and easy.

Furthermore, the large size of the desk provides ample desktop space to host multiple displays while having plenty of space to move around so that you can stay comfortable during long hours at work. The optional keyboard shelf and modesty panel helps extend the surface while providing additional privacy if needed. All in all, the BDI 6652 Stance Desk is sure to become a staple in any home or office environment!

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2300 Badger & Westside locations



24H x 66W x 30D in
Adjustable Height
24 in – 49 in

Programmable Keypad.
Wire Management Ledge.
Wire Management Channels.
Optional Keyboard Drawer.
Optional Modesty Panel.

Satin-Etched Tempered Glass.
Powder Coated Steel.

Not all items on display at each store.
Please call for additional information.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the items you are purchasing will fit in the intended areas of your home. If your home has narrow doorways, staircase turns, or low ceilings, you should measure these locations to ensure proper fit.


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