Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp

Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp

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 Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp

Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp

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Koncept Lighting’s Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp is the perfect light for any workspace. Delivering 99 lumens per watt, it produces a warm, natural light that is perfect for reading or working. The built-in touchstrip makes it easy to dim the light with a simple touch, and the occupancy sensor ensures that no energy is wasted when the room is empty. The USB port is a convenient way to charge your smartphone or other devices, and the sleek, modern design of the lamp makes it a great addition to any office or home. With Mosso Pro, you can have the perfect light for any task at hand.

About Koncept Lighting.

Koncept Lighting has been designing and developing innovative LED lamps and lighting elements for home and office use since 2002. The company’s products are characterized by their elegant design and high quality standards, which have earned them national and international attention. Koncept’s goal is to continue designing products that make your life safer, simpler, and greener.

Koncept’s line of LED lamps are available in a variety of styles to suit any taste. Koncept has the perfect product for you. Koncept’s lamps are not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and durable.

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2300 Badger & Westside locations


18 1/2" adjustable height x 21 1/4" arm reach x 9"

48 LEDs.
5.5 watts consumption.
Ultra high efficiency 99 lumens per watt.
L90 rated lifespan over 60,000 hours.
Built-in occupancy sensor.
Variable light color from 2,700K to 5,000K.
Continuous dimming.
Metallic Black / Silver / White.
10’ cord.
90 CRI.
USB charging port (located in the base)

Environmental considerations:

Fully recyclable aluminum.
Water-based paint.
LEDs do not contain mercury.
Low power consumption.
LEED credit eligibility.

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