Splitty LED Desk Lamp

Splitty LED Desk Lamp

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 Splitty LED Desk Lamp

Splitty LED Desk Lamp

Downtown & Westside locations


Koncept Splitty Desk Lamp.

About the Koncept Splitty Table Lamp.

Inspired by the fluidity and formlessness of water droplets, the Koncept Splitty line features fluid motion and ultra flexibility. The curved, droplet shape of the LED head reflects the root of its inspiration. Each model can be posed in virtually limitless ways, making it one of the most flexible lights on the market. The wide LED head casts an even glow onto any surface. Designers Kenneth and Edmund Ng perfected the diffused light source with hidden LEDs so that the lamp performs as a radiant ambient light as well as a functional task light.


Downtown & Westside locations


Dimensions: Splitty Desk Lamp.
Overall: 6.5 in W x 17 in H
Lamp Head: 5.5 in W
Base: 6.5 in Dia
Cord Length: 120 in

500 lumens
5.8 watts consumption
L90 rated lifespan over 60,000 hours
3,500 K light color
Multi-level touch dimming
Matte Black / Silver / Matte Orange* / Matte Leaf Green* / Matte Grey*
/ Matte White* / Matte Pacific Blue*
10’ cord
USB port (1A* / 2A**)
Occupancy Sensor**
90 CRI

*Splitty only.
**Splitty Pro only.

Environmental considerations:

Fully recyclable aluminum.
Water-based paint.
LEDs do not contain mercury.
Low power consumption.
LEED credit eligibility.

Not all items on display at each store.
Please call for additional information.

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